Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know I haven't posted many cards lately.  I do have some to share as well as some scrapbook pages but have not had time to take pictures to post them.

Those who know me and my family know some of the struggles we have been going through.  I wouldn't normally post such intimate details of our private lives but I do believe in the power of prayer and today that is what I am asking for.

Since Chris' motor vehicle accident in 2008, Chris has struggled immensely with, among other things, chronic pain from his injuries, severe headaches, eye pain, lack of sleep due to pain and because of all this, severe depression and anxiety. 

The past few months have seemed more difficult due to a never-ending barrage of assessments to determine the level of his disability and the care he needs.

I cry and pray each day for Chris as I see how much he struggles and although he doesn't want anyone to see him the way he is now, I believe that he can be touched by your prayers.

So today this is my request.  Prayers.  There is no need to leave a comment to say you are praying, just please say a prayer for him each day.  He is not aware of my request and would likely be unhappy that I have talked about his current state, so I would appreciate if you do not mention this to him.  (PS - we share the same e-mail so whatever you e-mail me, he sees also)

Thank you all for your support.