Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Mad

Mad about Madden that is. As you may have read previously we lost our boy Titan after 9 1/2 wonderful years. Although Titan can never be replaced that does not mean we do not have the ability or capacity to love others. We were going to wait some time before even thinking about adopting another Great Dane but our home felt so empty and it was difficult to go home when no one else was there.

An opportunity came along for us and after some discussion we agreed to adopt a 2 year old Great Dane puppy. At 2 years old and still with his puppy fur our boy Madden is already bigger than Titan. We'll see how big he gets as he still has some growing to do. He is also very different in character and attitude which for us is good as we wish to always remember Titan for being his own individual. We still talk to Titan every day and we are sure that he is okay with Madden coming into our home to be a part of our family.

In outer appearances too, they are quite different. Although both are fawns, where Titan was a light fawn with a very light mask, Madden is almost a ginger colour with a very dark mask. Boy has he been keeping us busy this week. We go out and get lots of exercise and we are working on his social skills and his commands. This means I haven't had time for my stamping room but one cool thing is that he climbs stairs. So if I don't want him to feel lonely downstairs, he can always come up and lay in my room while I work. (Stairs was something that Titan did not do.) The picture I have posted is of Madden that we received from his previous owner. I have taken pictures of Madden but haven't even had a chance to download them, so bear with me and give me a few days to download pics to share with you all. He is quite a cutie.
Thanks for popping by.
Margaret :)


  1. He's beautiful Margaret - can't wait to meet him.

  2. He looks like a real charmer Margaret! I can only imagine his know, me and my mini schnauzer...I'm sure Shadow could walk under him no problem! :)