Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Prayers Are Needed

Today I am bypassing posting one of my creations. I would like to share with you the story of a close friend of mine who will need lots of prayers come Thursday especially and in the week(s) to follow.

Some of you already know her through my Stampers 10 club but may not be aware of her baby's story.

My dear friend Angela found out about early summer that her unborn baby had only one kidney. As time passed the doctor's felt comfortable enough allowing her to have the baby in the hospital in her hometown rather than making the 2+ hour journey to the hospital in London. Peter and Angela's fourth child, baby Jude, finally made his arrival on October 4th weighing 9lbs 10oz. Although he arrived safely, he was born without a hole in his bum. After 12 short hours in our world baby Jude underwent surgery. I am a bit fuzzy on all the details and facts so I do apologize to Angela and family if I provide some incorrect details. I do believe this surgery was to provide him with the necessary hole.

Over the past two months there have been some hiccups and some complications but Jude has been getting bigger each day.

This week though, on Thursday, Jude will be undergoing a 5 hour surgery with two senior surgeons to correct his issues. Although the surgeons are very confident that all will go well, with Jude being such a young baby for starters and then the fact that he only has one kidney, one of the great concerns is the anesthetic. Babies are so small and it is hard to keep them under anesthetic without doing damage. The other thing is, the kidneys filter the anesthetic and if Jude's one kidney can't handle it, he doesn't have the backup of a second kidney.

Angela and Peter are very humble people and their faith in God is very strong. Normally Angela, even in the most difficult times, will not outright, ask for prayers but rather ask how things are with you and then keep you in her prayers. However, at this time, they have set aside their pride as they understand the great need for prayer to get Jude and them through all this.

All your prayers and well wishes are needed very much for baby Jude and his family. Please remember them each day and pray that God will give the surgeons the knowledge, skill and guidance they need to complete the surgery safely. Please pray that God will provide the family strength. I read Angela's blog and found that she has a list of prayers she would really appreciate people making for them. Please take a moment of your time to do this. I truly believe prayer works and I am very thankful to all of you for praying for them.

Here is Angela's prayer request:

1. Safe travel back and forth to London during the next several weeks.

2. Health for our whole family as we enter this busy season

3. Jude's surgery on Dec.10th from 8am-1pm
Please pray for - good health going into the surgery
- Dr.Butter and Dr. Merrit, who will be performing the surgery.
That they will see everything they need to clearly and that God will
guide them through this difficult procedure.
Update: After speaking with the anesthesiologist, we are praying that
the surgeons will be able to accomplish the entire surgery laparoscopically. This will shorten the length of the surgery (and the time Jude is under anesthetic) and make his recovery much easier on him. If they are unable to do everything laparoscopically, the surgery will be much longer and harder on Jude. Also, the anesthetic itself is more dangerous because Jude only has one kidney to filter it out. Please pray that Jude's body will be able to handle the anesthetic and for the
shortest surgery time possible.
- that God will carry Jude successfully through the whole operation
- that Jude won't have a bad reaction to the anesthetic
- that God will use Jude's life, and our presence in the hospital,
to bring Him glory! Update: We were originally told that I would be able
to stay overnight with Jude in his room. Unfortunately, we found out
yesterday that I might not be able to. If there are no private rooms
available, it's hospital policy that parents (even nursing mothers) cannot
stay overnight in the room. There are visiting lounges where parents can
sleep on the chairs or couches. I'm hoping to stay in the lounge so I can
continue to nurse Jude during the night but if they are full as well I would
have to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. Please pray that I would be able, as much as possible, to stay with Jude and feed him myself. We know that God has a plan - pray that I would rest in it and trust Him.

4. For Gracie Jo, Silas and Levi as they go to our parents while I'm in the hospital with Jude

5. For John & Nancy (Peter's parents) and John & Grace (my parents) as they care for the kids - lots of energy!! :)

6. For Peter, as he continues to work and travel back and forth to the hospital to visit.

So there you have it, folks!! Thank you for hanging in there with us and standing in the gap!

We are thankful beyond measure to know our family is being covered in your prayers.

If you would like to read more on Angela and her family and what a wonderful and strong person she is, click here.

Again, thank you to everyone who is prayer for them.

Margaret :)


  1. For the third time, in just as many days, you have brought me to tears. So thankful for your friendship. So thankful for your prayers.
    Love you!

  2. I will definately keep Angela, Jude and the family in my prayers.
    Thank you for the update Margaret.

  3. Oh my goodness, saying prayers for that sweet baby.