Monday, September 21, 2009

Lots on the Go

The past week has been quite busy for me and I still have lots more to do. Last week I was busy working on gifts for my Stampers 10 ladies, as Friday night was our last evening. I hope that I will be able to begin another group to start next month right away. I had a great time with them and not only did I have the opportunity to teach them, but I learned some fabulous things from them in the process as well.

I now have two parties booked for in the next week and need to prepare for them so if you don't see a lot from me this week you will know why. If you do, it will likely be items I am preparing for my upcoming parties. As you can see I have no clue what I will get done in the next week. LOL My mind always has so many great ideas running through it but when I seem to have time to actually do something, whoosh, it's gone, I draw a blank.

So I just wanted to give you a quick update and I thought I would share a photo of Madden. He is eating really well and beginning to put on some weight. I do believe he has even grown a bit taller since we got him and me, I've lost about an inch from my waist. Woo hoo. He's gaining, I'm losing. It's perfect LOL As you may be able to see in the pics he has a lot of skin to grow into yet. He is super strong too. I think I'm going to get me some muscle back just by handling him. Since I quit weightlifting 5 years ago I've gone soft and weak all over but I think those days may be coming to an end ladies. This boy is going to give me a run for all my strength.
Well that's all for now. I hope you have a great day.
Margaret :)


  1. He is a beautiful boy! Thanks again for the gift on Friday.

  2. There were gifts? And I missed it? Even sadder now :( ..... hope you ladies had a grand evening! Madden looks like a sweety!