Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Century Ago....

Today I don't have any paper crafts to share with you. My week is tied up with invitation orders and has left me with no time to stamp. I'm not complaining by any means as I love the work I do. Once this order is done, I get to go onto designing baby announcement cards for another client. I'm very excited about this potential job.

Since I have no cards or projects to share, I decided I would share one of my most recent photos I took that I really love. It was from my photography course, black and white week. I never knew that black and white photography could be so difficult. I learned that there are three categories: black and white, black and white with shades of grey, and shades of grey only. This particular photograph falls in the middle category. I am a nature girl. I love photographing animals but landscapes as well. I love old bridges as I find they can have so much character. The day was just right and the reflection of the bridge in the water gives the photo a soothing feeling. (for me anyway) It seems so tranquil. This particular bridge makes me think of what life was like a century ago.

I did try to use the rule of thirds as well to draw the eye. I think I did a nice job on this photo and hopefully I will continue to improve.

Even though this wasn't papercrafting I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Margaret :)


  1. Great photo Margaret. I took a photography class years ago when I got my 35mm SLR, and I remember doing some black and white photos and loved how they turned out. Good luck with your orders.

  2. Fabulous photo! The reflection of the bridge is perfect and the photo has a wonderful serene feel to it! Great job!