Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So last night I went to the A&W Car Show in Guelph with my '72 Nova. My girl was shining and drew a lot of attention. I don't know what exactly drew them to my car like a flock of birds. It was either the fact that a girl was driving or it was that as soon as I opened the hood they saw a crazy set up that many probably never see. It was great. LOL There must have been 10 guys walk up as soon as I opened the hood and walked away. When I came back a couple asked me what the heck was under the hood, so I had to explain my carb set up to them. I also got a lot of comments on the paint. I love pearl orange. The sunlight dances off the car and it seems to change colour a bit depending on the time of the day.
Obviously there was no chance of me winning anything last night as it was Chrysler night and Truck night and my car fits into neither category. Mind you, one guy told me that if I put a Dodge emblem on the front of the car I would definitely win first prize. I thought that was pretty funny. There was one boy who really liked my car, so I let him sit in the drivers seat and I took a couple pics on his camera for him.
I love my car and hope to have lots of sunny car show days to take it out to.
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed checking out my sweet ride.
Margaret :)

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