Monday, February 14, 2011

To My Sweet Valentine

For those of you who know me you likely know that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my better half, my fiance, Chris.  Although I may moan and complain every so often, he really is good to me.  He respects me, cares for me, adores me and although his disability prevents him from doing a lot, those things he does do, mean so much.  I am a poor cook but that's okay because he does the majority of cooking, even though it may take him several hours.  Now how can you say that isn't love.

Our life together has changed dramatically since Chris' accident but we slowly are learning to make the most of what we can do together and just enjoy each other.

I tell you, since I have moved my stamp room he has barely seen me and yet he has been so supportive and encouraging.

I just had to make a special card for him, so after all my absolute must -do's were completed on my To Do list, I sat down and made this sweet creation for him.  I was inspired by my dear friend Melissa's card to her husband John.

I left it on the bedside table this morning for him when I left for work so that when he gets up he will see it (I hope LOL)

This 6 x 6 card was super easy to make and this was the first time I sponged clouds onto a card.  I have been really into sponging lately and so I got my fill creating my sky on this card.

The only stamp I used was the sentiment and it is from Artistic Etchings.  I really had to hold myself back from using ribbon on this card and I think the Pewter Hodgepodge frame was just right. 

I really didn't want to lose the ever classic colour of Valentines and therefore made sure I included red in this card.   I really like these colours together.  One thing I love about this card is that after sponging on the textured Vanilla cardstock, it now has the look of fabric/ linen. So cool!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Beautiful card! I love the clouds!

  2. Aww this is so sweet! I am sure that Chris loved it!