Monday, October 26, 2009

A Baby's Gift

Here I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee and jumping into my day. As I have been mentioning for a few weeks now, I am re-organizing my stamping room and on the weekend I planned to complete it. Needless to say, it is not done. I worked hard and long, with a few interruptions here and there but I did get a LOT done. I have a few more things to tidy up and I need Chris to clear out some of his antiques or at least hang them on the wall so I can make good use of them LOL and then I think I'm there.

I mentioned to Chris that I am not fond of my ribbon holders and would like a different way to store them. He spent some time with me last week looking at the way the ribbon spools are made and he came up with an absolutely wicked design. I am so stoked and can't wait to share with you what it looks like. First though we have to find the perfect materials to use. For those who are familiar with our home, you know it's all Canadiana Pine Furniture 1890's and older, so let's just say that we would like my ribbon holder to suit. :)

I managed to get my cardstock in my new rack and this has provided me additional room in my filing cabinets for my paperwork. I still have a few empty boxes from Ikea which is great, that means I can buy more goodies to fill them, right? Okay maybe I'm dreaming a little.

I will be so thrilled when I have everything completed and be able to show you pictures. It is coming together so nicely.

I did finish a craft project on the weekend which I will give you a sneak peek of but won't share a pic of the whole project as it is for a faithful follower of my blog and I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise when she gets it. LOL (I'm sure she will figure out that it's for her but at least she won't get to see the whole thing... yet) So here is your little sneak peek.

I'll be back soon with more great projects to share.

Margaret :)

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