Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was a bit chilly but the sun was out for a good portion so we cannot complain.

Chris and I took Taygan and a friend of hers to the Rockton World Fair on Saturday. It was an absolutely perfect day for it. There are always great entertainers there to watch and I'd say the best one this year was the trampoline act. It was a group of three called Springaction and they are all Canadian and/or Olympic champions. They really were incredible. Once I download my photos, if I can find a great shot, I'll share with you. One of the things I didn't take a picture of and now wish I did but I was so in awe and transfixed by the move I was frozen in place. I can't even begin to explain the move but it was incredible.
The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet and yesterday I managed to spend the afternoon working on my stamping room. I can't believe I haven't stamped in two weeks but if you saw the state of my room you would understand why. I am probably halfway done and I am already feeling better seeing some of my new white boxes from Ikea lined up on my bookshelves. I found out just how much adhesives I own too. I filled 3 boxes with adhesives. Wow. One for my tombow refills, one for my dollar store sticky strips and one for all my glues, tombow rollers, crystal effects, 2 way glue pens, glue sticks and so on and so on. I am enjoying tidying though. I am not labelling anything until I am done though as I have a tendency to rethink some things as I go and change locations for some items.

I have two more wooden drawer sets from Ikea to put together still and I must say that I really love them. They are soooo handy. If I find I still have some room, I plan to go and get the wooden ones with two full drawers and then three smaller ones in the top. I also picked up some magazine holders (but in white) to match my boxes and I also picked up a three tier paper tray. I can't wait to get my room tidied and organized. (I know me, so I know it likely won't stay neat for long, I tend to put bags and papers on the floor in stacks and then half a year or so later I go through it and put them in their proper places -tsk tsk LOL)

Once I get things together though I'll take some pics and post them. I really want to stamp as there are a few projects that I really need to get done but I need to get my work table organized first as the top is completely covered. Yikes. So there you have my progress and an explanation why you haven't seen any fresh new projects from my stamping room.
Keep checking back cause you never know, I may just put everything on the floor just so I can make something and be able to share with you.
PS - Scroll down for my post on the current Deals of the Week.

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