Friday, October 23, 2009

Self Portrait

This week has been quite busy and needless to say I did very little stamping. I hope to finish getting my room organized over the weekend so that I will be better able to focus and work. I purchased a wire paper rack for my 8 1/2 x 11 paper and can't wait to get that all organized. I could do with another rack but I guess I have to start somewhere.
Last night I was off to my photography class and the focus was portraits. I'm more of a landscape/ nature picture person but I have to say I was thrilled when the teacher said we had to pair up and take pictures of each other. I never seem to have nice pictures of myself and knew that this was my chance to get some good pics. I set up my camera, hit the 10 second timer, ran in front of the muslin cloth background and posed. This got some chuckles but what they haywagon, right? If you can take a picture of yourself, why not? I didn't want to wait a week for just one picture of myself from my class partner. So once set up, I got my partner to pose and I took pictures with both hers and my camera. Then she did the same for me. It was great because I had the camera all set up and all she had to do was click the button, zoom in or zoom out. It seemed I was the only one in the class who actually wanted to have my photo taken and I'd say half the class was snapping pics of me against the portrait backdrop. I was thinking, what the heck happened to working in pairs.

The teacher had also recommended that we try to take pictures against other backgrounds in the school. I couldn't help myself and just had to take a quirky photo. I set the timer, went in front of the lockers and splayed myself up against them. LOL It's not the greatest but it was a quick fun shot. The next spot we selected was a corner between wall between a classroom and the lockers. Some of those shots were quite good as well. I need to work on my lighting more as I noticed that some pictures seemed grainy. This is probably my biggest problem when taking indoor photos.

When I got home I just couldn't resist pulling the pictures up right away. I have to say some turned out quite nice.

Well that's enough about me today. I hope to be back Monday with some projects to share.
Have a great weekend all.

Margaret :)

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  1. Oh I wish I was in your class with you!! Than I could splay myself up against various backgrounds with you - LOL!!! I can just imagine the two of is in class together...we'd totally get in trouble for constantly laughing and not paying attention :)
    Oh, and by the way, what a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady! Absolutely gorgeous. xoxox