Monday, March 14, 2011

Card Purse

Happy Monday and hope everyone survived DST.  I am such a horrible person as I had a challenge last week to make a St. Patricks Day card and schedule a post for Saturday.   Well I have the card half completed and I had the post 3/4 completed but needless to say neither of them are completed.  Ugh! Here I was going to remind everyone about DST but no need to anymore for the next several months anyway. LOL

So last month at Stamp Club I decided that instead of just cards we would make a cute little card purse to hold some cards in.  This is a great gift idea and quite easy to make.

To make the gift even more fun the cards use the same designer paper and ribbon as the purse. 

Since I used ribbon on the cards I was only able to fit 3 cards and envelopes into the purse.

Enjoy the sunshine today and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

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