Monday, March 21, 2011

Mother's Garden

Monday, already? Where did the weekend go?  Sometimes time flies by too fast.  One fantastic thing about this weekend is I managed to get the perfect sized desk for my stamp room.  I love it.  Now I just need my punch racks and also put up the ribbon rack Chris made me and I can take lovely photos to share with you all. :)

Today I am SUPER excited to share this project with you today.  I spent a lot of time creating this beauty and although I love most everything I make, my heart was truly swelling with pride on this one. 

Using the owl rose technique that I learned from Valita's Fresh and Fun Folds I created nine flowers for my little flower garden.  I was looking to create a planter like you see hanging on railings of apartment building balconies.  Instead of creating the 'lip' to hang over the railing, I added handles on the ends.

Then I created 3 individual pot holders and added my flowers creating stems from cardstock.  I wanted the flowers to shimmer and shine so I spritzed Vanilla Smooch Spritz on them.

The dirt was created by shredding scrap bits of Chocolate Chip cardstock.  I wanted the focus to be on the flowers so the box I left very simple with just a nice Vanilla Hodgepodge frame and the title "Mothers's Garden"

I hope you like this project as much as I do.  This is my masterpiece :)

Is there a project you created that you are particularly fond of?  I would love to see your best creation.


  1. This is so gorgeous, Margaret! I wish I had seen it "in person" before you sent it off. :)

  2. I LOVE THIS! It's great to see it completed! You did a WONDERFUL job on it! Good luck with the submission!

  3. These are so beautiful! Love all those lovely colors!

  4. Thanks all for the sweet comments. Maybe I'll have to try to create this project again to keep in my stamp room :)

  5. This is definitely a masterpiece! Stunning!

  6. These are SO pretty, M! I don't know how you parted with it. You definitely need to make another one for your stamp room - they're so sweet and cheerful. Bee-you-tee-ful!!

  7. WOW!!! This is just beautiful!!! I want to feature this project on My Crafty Picks #10 on 4-3-11. If you wish to decline please email me at

    Take care

  8. Hello!

    Perfection! Just beautiful!

    Wishing you a happy day!

    Barbara Diane

  9. great colours! I love to see others enjoy my tutorials, please remember to read my disclaimer on the bottom of my tutorials, give credit and link me back, much appreciated ...