Friday, December 10, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm Good

For the first time ever I joined a Cookie/ Baking Exchange.  I'm not a huge baker, I like to make banana bread and sometimes I make cookies but I thought this would be a lot of fun.

A few weeks ago Taygan and I spent time in the kitchen testing recipes.  I shared some of the treats with my co-workers and had them 'vote' on which one they liked best.  Everyone said they liked both goodies but they all picked the Mocha Brownies.

So earlier this week I went ahead and whipped up 3 pans full, which gave me 7 dozen and I was all excited cause I only had one more batch to make but first I had to remove the brownies from the pans so I could use them. Well.........lo and behold.... they were all burnt.  I was not very happy.

See, our oven that we have doesn't work very well.  When a recipe says 350C, I have to put it at about 425C and cook at least twice as long as the recipe calls for.  I thought I would be smart and use the oven downstairs, so I set the oven at 350C and the timer for the 25 minutes it called for.  My downfall.... I missed reading the part in the recipe where it said to check my baking with a toothpick, so alas, I used a fork and some batter clung to it so I cooked it for another 5 minutes but still it clung a bit so I did another 4 minutes.

Well here I was last night needing to now start from scratch and I didn't have enough supplies to re-make the Mocha Brownies.  I scoured the recipe book and found Pineapple Brownies which I have never made before.  It looked easy enough and I had ingredients for it.  So I set about making them, set the oven downstairs and the timer for 5 minutes less than the recipe called for and checked with a toothpick.  PERFECTION!!!  Okay maybe I shouldn't say that because I haven't actually tried one yet but they sure did look good.  I should have taken a picture of them.

Anyway, I wanted to package them neatly and I have had a large package of take-out boxes sitting in my stamp room forever and they desparately needed to be used.  So here is how they turned out.  I needed to do something quick and easy as the night was wearing on and I have to drop these off this evening after work.

Looks good eh?

I even went on MDS (My Digital Studio) and printed up the recipe cards.

I hope everyone likes them.
Margaret :)

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